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Q. How Can I access TGMIP Web Portal?

A. For registered users, go to TGMIP website and then clink on "Log in" tab at TGMIP home page. Once you enter user name and password clink on "Submit" button. You will be redirected to concerned user activity page.

Q. Who is eligible for Drip/sprinkler irrigation subsidy? How to apply Drip/Sprinkler system subsidy in Telangana?

A. All farmer of Telangana are eligible for Drip/Sprinkler Irrigation system. Farmer can apply under TGMIP scheme at Meeseva centers along with Land Document, Aadhaar card and Caste Certificate.

Q. Can I apply for Subsidy of multiple times in one financial year?

A. Farmer can eligible for apply Drip/sprinkler irrigation once in 7 years.

Q. What are technical description for Drip/Sprinkler Irrigation?

A. Drip irrigation systems deliver water and agrochemicals (e.g., fertilizers and pesticides) directly to the root zones of the irrigated plants at a rate best suited to meet the needs of the plants being irrigated. Thus, this system makes efficient use of water, especially when compared to conventional methods of irrigation such as furrow, border, basin and sprinkler irrigation systems, which, under arid and drought conditions, suffer from an high rate of water loss and have a low degree of water use efficiency.

Q. Is there any limitation for crop or area under this scheme?

A. Under this scheme, farmer can take the benefit for crop as per TGMIP Guidelines upto 5 Ha. However, the Subsidy will be given to the area under scarcity of water. The scheme is open for entire Telangana.

Q. How much eligible subsidy for Telangana State Micro Irrigation Project (TGMIP) registered farmers?


Q. What is the Unit cost for implementation of Micro Irrigation System for different crops/Spacings?

A. The unit cost is different for different crops/spacings. However, for Drip Irrigation, it ranges approximately, between Rs. 16,585/- to 1,12,237/- per hectare. In Sprinkler Irrigation, it ranges between Rs.10,560/- to 16,671/-.

Q. Is farmer having liberty to select the Micro Irrigation System Supplier?

A. Yes, farmer is free to select the MI Supplier of his/her choice.

Q. Why Drip/sprinkler Irrigation is best way of saving water?

A. Drip irrigation is a system of irrigation where water is fed only near the root system of the plants. Plastic pipes are laid and these have water dropper pores where water 'drips' out at suitable places. This system is very efficient and helpful in water saving. The efficiency of applied and lost water as well as meeting the crop water need ranges from 80 to 90%. When plant density is more and water is to be saved (flood irrigation avoided) sprinkler irrigation is used. A set of sprinklers shower quantified amount of water over the crop canopy just like a shower/ rain. Amount of water just sufficient to suitably wet the root zone soil of the crop is used.

Q. What are the various types of Micro Irrigations Systems Implemented in Telangana State?

A. Telangana Micro Irrigation Project is adopted “Drip and Portable Sprinkler” Micro Irrigation Systems.

Q. Why Use Drip Irrigation System?

A. In providing water to plants according to plant water requirements, drip irrigation systems create no pollution and no runoff and very little evapotranspiration. By using this system, a farmer can certainly ensure good water management. Utilization of a drip irrigation system type provides other benefits to both the farmer and crop production:

a. Simple implementation of existing soil sensors.

b. Management of soil moisture level; crops are irrigated immediately when soil moisture drops below threshold.

c. Application of fertilizers and pesticides combined with irrigation.

d. Reduced weed growth and facilitated management of farm activities in the field due to localized soil wetting.

e. can be stopped at any moment (if rain occurs) which prevents over irrigation.

f. Easy to install, design, and it can be very inexpensive.

g. Possible to implement on almost any terrain, soil, and crop type; especially suitable for high-value row crops.

Drip irrigation system is a great solution on crop productions with dry, saline, low drainage soils and on soils where moisture maintenance may result in high insect pests and disease incidence.